Monday, 21 July 2008


As it was Iuliana's birthday yesterday (25, yay!), we went to visit Antwerp as opposed to staying at home. We had a really good day, the weather was actually quite nice, we had sun most of the time and the parts that it was raining we were having cocktails, so we didn't really care too much ;-)
I had as usual taken my camera to shoot around and this is one of the results. Hope you like it as well!
That building in the back, with all the green stuff covering it, is a pub called "Het elfde gebod" or "The eleventh commandment"; a very nice little pub entirely filled with church statues of saints.
PS: You may leave your congratulations in the comments section ;-)


Anonymous said...

Congrats Iuliana!

Happy Birthday girl

and Joost, as always, nice pictures:)

Anonymous said...

Happy Bday !

And the street on the picture is well known to me, the bar where I allways go for a drink (Marmite) is in the building next to the one covered in green central in the picture. :)


L2GX said...

Happy birthday!