Thursday, 31 July 2008


Tonight I went to the north district again to snap some shots of the glassy mass in the light of the setting sun. I was hoping to catch some nice pics for a decent HDR, but somehow I can't manage to get those right. I edited this one as I like it very much as well. Hope you like it too!

Monday, 28 July 2008

Click, dialtooooooooooooone...

Never mind the title ;-) This is from the same shoot as the other glass structure. It's the Belgacom "twin towers" right next to the north station in Brussels. Again, I was quite lucky with the clouds as I really like how the sky seems to just continue in the buildings.

St Michiel's en St Goedele's cathedral

Well hello again. Today, because of the gorgeous weather, we went walkabout in the centre of town. Had some really good home made ice cream and a generally good time. This is one of the shots I took that was worth editing ;-). Hope you like it too!
The iPhone version is here.

Sunday, 27 July 2008

Brussels North district

Some time ago I did a shoot in the area around the north station of Brussels. I quite like what they're doing there right now; building lots of high-rises in glass and steel. But I guess it's a personal taste thing ;-) you either like it, hate it or are totally indifferent to it. This is one of the government buildings on the avenue Albert II. I quite like this picture because the reflection of the clouds in the building that really worked out very well here. I was originally thinking to go there again today, but the clear blue sky is going to be a bit boring. Maybe if we get a bit of a storm later today I might go after all. The post processing included a HDR render of five exposures of the same raw file and some tweaking in PS of course :-)
And for the gadget freaks; iPhone version, click here.

Thursday, 24 July 2008

Sunset over Antwerp...

Yes, Antwerp again, but this one is quite some time ago actually. I took this on Terje and Nathalie's balcony, when they were still living there. They're the one's we visited in Norway by the way, so it has been some time ago that I took this picture. I stumbled across it today and decided to edit and post it. Hope you like it as much as I do!
Until we meet again...

On my mind

I don't know why, but I've been thinking about this picture several times today, so I thought I'd post it. I took it one night in Bucharest at the Orthodox version of Vatican. Please forgive me for not knowing the name and feel free to add it in the comments. Any who, I took it without flash on my tripod and I'm obviously very happy about the outcome. No iPhone version of this one as the landscape format really doesn't make sense for an iPhone.

Wednesday, 23 July 2008

Waiting for...

As we arrived in Antwerp central station, there were a couple of people waiting for a train, as usually is the case with train stations. These were the ones lucky enough to be snapped by me and are now featuring on this magnificent blog ;-). Seriously though, I quite liked the lighting and environment, the people add a nice human touch to the whole I think.
The iPhone version is here.

Tuesday, 22 July 2008

Making up...

As I haven't been very accurate in the whole daily thing, here's another one I took yesterday in Antwerp. For those of you that don't recognize it, shame one you! ;-p Not really though, I thought it was an MG, but upon inspection, it turned out to be an Austin Healey... never heard of them before, to be quite honest. They were so pretty and shiny I couldn't help but take their picture. Hope you like it.

Monday, 21 July 2008


As it was Iuliana's birthday yesterday (25, yay!), we went to visit Antwerp as opposed to staying at home. We had a really good day, the weather was actually quite nice, we had sun most of the time and the parts that it was raining we were having cocktails, so we didn't really care too much ;-)
I had as usual taken my camera to shoot around and this is one of the results. Hope you like it as well!
That building in the back, with all the green stuff covering it, is a pub called "Het elfde gebod" or "The eleventh commandment"; a very nice little pub entirely filled with church statues of saints.
PS: You may leave your congratulations in the comments section ;-)

Thursday, 17 July 2008


Today for once, a picture which was not taken by myself. I did the post processing, but Iuliana took it when she was at home last week. She went with her parents and her aunt and uncle to their (aunt and uncle's) cabin in the mountains. As they arrived, it had just rained and when the sun came out, this appeared :-)
The iPhone version is here. Please download it to your iGadgets, she'd be soooo proud :-)

Saturday, 12 July 2008

Farm girl...

This afternoon, I went on a photo shoot with my brother's girlfriend Caroline. It was the first shoot I've done in more then a year... Yeah, I know, I should really start doing more again! :-)
The weather could have been nicer and we've already decided we'll need to do this again in the sunshine, but I managed to come away with a couple of pictures I really like. This is one of them. I'm very happy with it and I hope you guys appreciate it as well. Feel free to leave comments with suggestions (if you think you can do better :-p).
Until we meet again,

Friday, 11 July 2008


When my friend Paul, who is graphic designer by trade (check his stuff here!), asked me if I could do some pictures for one of his projects, the website of a fantasy store, I obviously said I would even though I had no idea what exactly to expect. We went there and I took around a hundred pictures there. I was quite amazed what they'd done to the place. Those of you that know the Efteling in Holland, it's like that :-).
This is one of the pictures I took on that shoot.
The iPhone version can be found here.

Thursday, 10 July 2008

After the rain... yada, yada...

Tonight I joined Robin from for the release event of the iPhone 3G in Belgium on the avenue du toison d'or in Brussels. It was actually quite amazing to see how many people had gathered there in the pouring rain just to be the proud new daddy of the first officialy endorsed iPhone in Belgium. They were there and waiting, even after having been told they would not get their phone until 0300h. Purely amazing stroke of marketing! Had the weather been better I'm sure the event would have had problems housing all the people. You can see the pictures I took for him on his site.
On the way home the sky cleared up as I exited the Ste. Catherine metro station and THIS is what I saw. Obviously thrilled that for once on such an occasion I'm actually carrying my kit with me, I started snapping :-)
The iPhone version can be found here.

Wednesday, 9 July 2008

Yup, another one!

Yes, a second one, mere seconds after the first! I was feeling creative today plus this picture was taken the same day as the previous post. While I was taking pictures of the model some kids from a nearby school were "peeping tom-ing" so I snapped this one, I'm very pleased with the results!

Without further adue...

I've had to go into the archivez again due to not really very brilliant weather. Brilliant maybe, I'm sure I could do some very interesting shots in the rain, but for that, I'll have to get some kind of water proofing first.
So, the archives; This picture I took on my very first shoot with a model. My friend and I are both members of the former, now and this was one of their get togethers. We were waiting for some of the other photographers and models to show up when I saw this image. It turned out just as I had seen it at that instant.
Ow yes, credit where it's due; legs and boots kindly provided by Alita.

Sunday, 6 July 2008

Neglect... Noooooooo!

I realise it hasn't been a daily thing of late. I am very sorry for that and do my best to get back on track with the updates. This one is an HDR of the view from our balcony, as we speak (well, as I write this anyway) This time I had my tripod so I could do the separate exposures as opposed to using just one RAW file.

Tuesday, 1 July 2008

Railway cathedral

As I've mentioned before, we've been to Antwerp last weekend. This is the dome of Antwerp Central Station which has just been unveiled after years of restoration. You can still see the covers in the corners which adds to the whole image I think. I like the feel of this picture very much, the way the corners seem to be on the same angle as the dome itself. Hope you like it as well!